What We Do

We manage learning so you can focus on your business strategy without getting distracted by things like unproductive employees, customers who don't know how to use your product, or audits by regulators. We focus on the system, reporting, and interface that makes learning work. We are like plumbers of the learning world, ensuring that training and learning runs smoothly without bottlenecks.

    Standard starting architecture

    to deliver courses, curricula, and resources; manage users; and communicate with stakeholders ... enabling to a quick start.

    Flexible evolution

    to address changing needs ... anticipating changes and providing a clear path to grow.

    Content-agnostic platform

    that welcomes different formats from your team or content development partners ... making it easy to leverage available resources and legacy learning.

    Easy reporting tools

    to provide valuable metrics at the tap of a keyboard ... removing the stress of progress reporting and audits through full transparency.

Why We Do It

We started on this journey, because we believe that learning should be part of the business strategy and focused on delivering business outcomes. We designed XEGY to help many different stakeholders optimize their performance towards those outcomes. This requires anticipating when and how stakeholders will need different knowledge, skills, mindsets, or leadership abilities. XEGY is a system that supports intuitive access, relevance, and nudges for learning when appropriate. This led us to build a very flexible, context-centric framework ... allowing users to find what they need, when they need it.


Over the years we've listened to our customers and studied the behavior of users. All the while, we've continuously improved our core XEGY platform incorporating new functionality and making it available in our ongoing updates. Our customers have helped, and continue to help, us shape our robust system ... leading to a platform that is proven, while also innovative and fresh.

As we've evolved and experimented with XEGY, patterns have emerged that have shaped our thinking and programming. We've helped our customers determine learning paths and self-directed paths based on best practices and multiple data points on user behavior. We have also had a user-centric design mindset - understanding the needs of multiple diverse user groups.

Rather than starting with the executives and reporting, we started with the consumers of learning and their managers, to ensure ease of adoption. Reporting is easy, once we understand how people use the system.

We've refined reporting and audits to ensure that any executive can pull a compliance report without disrupting normal operations. We've focused on helping managers manage their people more effectively. In addition, we've expanded to external education to help our customers optimize their learning environments to deliver on their business strategy.




Clear learning paths, up-to-the-minute product and service info



Delivery system for learning and dashboards to interpret effectiveness



Easy reports and metrics



Ability to leverage your products and services to execute their strategy

What Makes it Special

Each company ... and each stakeholder group ... arguably, each individual has unique learning needs. We set out to meet these diverse needs with a scalable solution capable of successfully supporting new product rollouts, geographies and markets, acquisitions, and regulatory changes. Rapidly changing environments create extensive demands on training. To meet these demands, our system supports immediate delivery, individualized plans or paths, tracking, certification, and reporting of training based on best practices with the flexibility to diverge. XEGY is designed to be a power tool for your training and sale enablement teams. We provide:

  • A standard starting architecture to deliver courses, curricula, and resources. We help your team manage learning communications.
  • A flexible architecture that evolves as needs change ... leading to an easy start and a path to grow as you improve your team's learning environment and culture.
  • A platform for your team to develop content or partner with external resources to format and develop training content.

XEGY - eXecute stratEGY

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