XEGY makes learning management, compliance, and reporting easy - So you can focus on building the capability and success of your team.



No matter your current team size, you'll never outgrow us.



Our localized content accelerates global launches.



Your people need to focus on succeeding, not figuring out the LMS.



Our LMS supports your dynamic environment and rapid rollouts.



De-risk regulatory requirements with our dashboard reports.


We ease training/learning access and tracking so you can focus on unleashing potential instead of avoiding risk.

  • Leaders like our simple dashboards and fingertip reports that provide a snapshot of organizational learning and real-time compliance.
  • Administrators appreciate our content-agnostic approach – sources and format – and the ease of managing development plans, creating learning journeys, and pulling ad hoc reports.
  • Managers love the ease and speed of status updates on direct reports and the quick coaching tips to support an individual or the whole team.
  • Salespeople and front line employees need clear learning plans, progress gauges, and ease in completing learning assignments and accessing resources.
  • Customers appreciate being equipped for success as they onboard, optimize, and expand their learning environment.
  • Coaches and other special members of each learning ecosystem appreciate our flexibility in creating users, relationships, and visibility to support the culture.


Our software has been developed through agile methodology based on industry thought leadership and customer input. Over the years, we have been very reactive about adding functionality to support the more advanced needs of our customers.

Initially, we focus on immediate needs and add functionality when you are ready for additional capability. (e.g. event management, customer education)

If you need functionality, not yet available, we’ll work with you to define, design, and determine desirability, feasibility, and viability. We don’t implement every bell, whistle, or shiny object - unless you need them. We focus on the ones that makes sense and will help you succeed - then expand functionality as your needs evolve.

Our customers take us with them from company to company

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