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We know that our customers care about being successful in their core business. We take care of managing the learning so our customers can focus on their core business without worry. Anything that distracts from the mission, like fear of audits or wasting valuable time, impacts your success. We are experts in facilitating learning, managing learning records, and ensuring compliance auditability.

We specialize in handling complex learning needs with a simple interface, ensuring that audits and reporting are easy, and enabling managers to support their teams most effectively. We listen to our customers and stay abreast of industry trends to continuously improve our ability to support customer success.

Customer Success begins with the sales process as we work with each customer to define needs and determine the appropriate timing, interface, user groups, initial content, processes, etc. This sets up the initial environment for successful rollout(s).

Ideal Customer Fit

Because we focus on customer success, we've learned that based on business environment, user needs, and requirements, some customers gain greater value from XEGY than others. These are the characteristics under which our solutions can deliver the most differentiated value:

  • Highly regulated environments where audits can result in significant fines
  • Rapidly changing or expanding product portfolios
  • Complex user requirements (e.g., different profiles, internal and external, constantly changing requirements)
  • Growing companies with expanding and uncertain future needs

      Customers who get the greatest benefit from our system regularly deal with high levels of ambiguity and unpredictability from both internal and external forces. This market turbulence (for our customers) creates a need for a training/learning environment that can change rapidly and easily.

      Examples include early to mid-stage biotech and pharma companies who need to get sales staff and customers up to speed quickly on new technology or products and new markets. The health and well-being of patients demands significant oversight. That oversight drives regulation and compliance. Audits can be extremely costly as can any resulting regulatory fines. Every salesperson, maybe even every employee, needs to know and comply with the latest product details, FDA approvals and restrictions.

      Also common to these same companies is the need for speed. Speed to market creates significant advantages. It also creates a need for rapidly deployed new training. XEGY was developed to make course changes easy and facilite new training launches.

      It is important to note here that success is a team effort. While XEGY provides the learning information infrastructure, our customers have to foster an internal diligence to ensuring regulatory compliance. Success relies on people AND systems.

The XEGY Experience

We have a prelaunch protocol to ensure that we've defined the criteria for successful rollout. Some companies need to rollout to the entire organization quickly. Others prefer to do a pilot rollout with a single group of stakeholders. Some organizations have a great deal of existing content. Others are starting from scratch.

The prelaunch phase allows us to define the scope and plan for the best outcomes.

We start with a basic, user-centric, well-defined, and templated program tweaked based on prelaunch information. This way each customer derives value from the system as quickly and easily as possible without unnecessary complications or confusion.

Ongoing Improvement
Each organization is different in it's ability to leverage the full capabilities of the system. Again, based on what we've learned in prelaunch and in our ongoing monitoring, we engage in ongoing improvements or expansion at the rate that best supports each customer.

Factors that influence this can include: strategic goals and imperatives, customer requests, and organizational readiness. We work with your team to optimize the system to support your needs.

Expansion or Redesign
We differentiate between ongoing improvement, which is typically identified in prelaunch or through our ongoing business reviews, and expansion or redesign, which are triggered by a significant change in the business model or strategic direction. An M&A event is an example of such a trigger. Another example would be a shift from product to service offering - triggering significant external marketing events that need to be handled through the learning system.

We've designed flexibility into XEGY specifically to handle unpredictable expansion and redesign requirements with minimal disruption and cost.

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